Apple iPhone is one of the most sophisticated electronic devices invented on earth. iPhone is also one of the most secured devices and a highly capable phone for both business and gaming purposes. However, similar to any electronic device when we overuse the iPhone, its battery tends to degrade over a period of time.

Batteries of all smartphones tend slow down when used for a long period. But maintaining the battery can prolong its life. When we fail to properly maintain the battery it can degrade faster and can stop working completely.

No one can say how long a battery will work, it depends on lot of external factors like how well it’s maintained, is Apple certified charger is used for charging, is iPhone repair done at an experienced iPhone repair store. But understanding the functioning of the battery and maintaining it can prolong the life of an iPhone battery as much as possible.

Here are a few tips that can help you extend the battery life of your iPhone.

Don’t keep your iPhone charged overnight

Most of us have a habit of charging the phone when we go to bed and the phone will be connected to the charger for the whole night. But an iPhone can be fully charged in 2 hours, but keeping it connected to the charger for the whole night will have an impact on the battery and will reduce the performance of the battery over a period of time. Not only with iPhone, even if you charge Android smart phones like Samsung over night, it might impact the performance of the battery and can even have an impact on the motherboard and your Samsung phone might need to be repaired.

Don’t Charge Your iPhone Frequently

We cannot deny the fact that smartphones have become a part of life and we use them extensively in our day-to-day activities. So, many of us have this tendency to charge our phones frequently even if the battery has more than 50% charge.

According to Apple, iPhone batteries can have performance issues after 400 to 500 full charge cycles. So, when you frequently charge your iPhone, even when it has a sufficient battery charge, then it can have an impact on the life of the battery.

Remove Unused Apps

All of us have a tendency to install a new and trending app. But after using them for a few days or months, we might not use them frequently or will not use them at all. Over a period of time, we will accumulate several of these unused apps on our iPhones. Even though we do not use these apps, these apps can sometimes drain the battery by refreshing or running in the background. So it is suggested to check all the apps on your phone regularly and uninstall unwanted apps. This process will help to improve the performance and battery life of your iPhone

Always Update The IOS To Its Latest Version

One of the best ways to maintain and improve the life of your iPhone battery is to update the operating system to its latest version. Apple on a regular basis provides an update to its operating system. And these updates are mostly related to improving the performance and the battery life of the phone. So, it’s always advisable to update the operating system to its latest version in your iPhone

Only Use Apple Chargers To Charge Your iPhone

We agree that the Apple accessories are priced on the higher side, and there are several companies that produce low-quality chargers for your iPhone. These chargers do charge your iPhones, but when used on a regular basis they can potentially harm the battery of your iPhone. So, always use Apple-certified chargers to charge your iPhone, as these chargers and cables are designed to withstand any power surges and they can safeguard your phone and battery from any power fluctuations.

These are the 5 important tips one can follow to maximize the battery life of your iPhone. Similar to the above tips, if you face any issues with your iPhone, you should always approach an iPhone repair service that has experience in serving an iPhone.

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