How much ever careful a person is there are chances that one can drop their cellphone in water accidentally. Here is the list of 7 Do’s and Don’ts if you have accidentally dropped your phone in the water

1. Don’t Switch On The Phone

If your mobile phone got switched off after getting dropped into the water, then kindly do not switch on the mobile phone immediately. Even if the phone is on after getting dropped into the water, switch off the phone immediately

2. Wipe Your Phone With A Dry Cloth

After taking your mobile phone out of the water and switching it off, you can wipe your phone with a dry cloth. Wipe the phone with a dry cloth thoroughly, wipe the charging porter and the headphone port

3. Remove the Battery if Possible

Most of the latest cell phones have inbuilt batteries and the batteries cannot be removed. But if your mobile phone has the option of a removable battery, then remove the battery immediately.

4. Do not Try to Dry Your Phone with a Hairdryer or Oven

Do not ever try to dry your phone with a hairdryer or oven, Smartphones have very fragile electronic components. And these components cannot withstand the heat produced by a hair dryer or oven. So trying to dry your phone with a hairdryer or oven can completely make your phone useless.

5. Don’t Charge or Use Your Phone For a Minimum of 24 to 48 Hours

Don’t plug in and charge your mobile phone or use your cell phone for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. Even if you wipe your phone with a dry cloth, the inner components like the motherboard will have water droplets. If you use or charge your phone within 24 hours then these droplets can damage the inner components.

6. Put Your Smartphone In A Bag Or Bowl Of Rice

Alternatively, you can also put your cell phone in a bowl or bag of rice and cover it completely with rice grains. Here you should cover it with grains and not the cooked rice. Uncooked rice grains are very good at absorbing the moisture in the cell phone. You can cover the mobile phone in rice grains for up to 48 hours. After 48 hours when you take the cell phone out of rice grains, make sure to dust off the grains from the headphone port and other charging ports.

7. Back up Your Data Immediately

Most smartphones these days are connected to the cloud. So, all your data like photos, videos, and contacts are stored in the cloud. But, it is suggested to always back up your data, when you restart your cell phone after dropping it into the water.

These are the 7 basic things you can do after dropping your cell phone into the water accidentally. But, if your mobile phone does not switch on after following all the above steps then you should contact the best cell phone repair service near you. They will be able to find the problem and can bring back your mobile phone to life.