Here we will discuss the complete method to dry out your Water Damaged iPhone X. Most of us take our cell phones with us everywhere we go. And we don’t realize the risk of losing them to water damage.  Imagine you just upgraded your old iPhone 7 to an iPhone X. You, then, accidentally lose it to a tragic water accident. This can be devastating for anyone. Your first reaction will be to panic, but you don’t have time for that. The long your iPhone X is submerged in water the less chance you have to revive it. You must act fast if you want to save your water damaged iPhone X. 

Once you get over the initial shock of your water damaged iPhone X, you will need to know what to do next. Don’t waste time accessing the damage by touching the screen or pressing the home button, you will only cause further damage.  Dry the phone casing off and allow any excess water to drain out of buttons and ports. Here are a few famous Do-It-Yourself methods before bringing it into Mobile Mobile Orlando

Put your phone into Uncooked Rice:

  Online solutions forums swear by sticking your water damaged phone into a bag of uncooked rice. The concept behind this is the rice will soak up the water if left undisturbed for several days. USA Today did a study that found if you leave your cell phone in rice for 48 hours it will only extract 13%. While you are desperate to find a solution, rice may cause more problems than help.
Rice grains have the potential to get stuck in your iPhoneX charging port. Rice also contains small rice particles and dust that can get lodged into other points of entry. A rice bath may seem like the most practical idea in a state of panic, but it may not be worth the risk for such a low return.

Canned Air: 

While canned air is specifically made to clear dust and particles out of your electronics, this may work against you with a water-damaged iPhone. If you use canned air to dry out your iPhone X, you may actually soak the water deeper into the phone causing more damage. This is all due to how the air is dispersed from the can through the narrow straw. 


A hairdryer may seem like a practical solution because its very purpose is to dry wet hair, however, this doesn’t make it universal. Hair Dryers use heat to dry and honestly, it isn’t even a healthy option for our hair. So why would it be for our phones? Just like the canned air the hairdryer is more likely to spread the water to small intricate crevasse rather than dry the water before damage has set in.  The heat from the dryer can also cause further damage. 

The best method you can use is waiting and left the water move out of the phone naturally. Take out the sim card and let the phone rest in a dry area near a fan. The fan will provide enough air and ventilation to help dry the water rather than spread it.  

Water damage isn’t fun nor is it something you want to wait on, and while these options may seem economical you could be wasting precious time. Mobile Mobile Orlando has an onsite repair center that can help with your water damaged phone. If brought in early enough we may just be able to save it, but if we dead your iPhone X as unsalvageable don’t worry you can always sell us your DOA ( Dead on Arrival) iPhone X. Visit one of our Orlando locations or visit us online today