Spring is in the air, and it is a great time to declutter your life. Start by cleaning out your tech drawer full of old or damaged cell phones, laptops, and tablets. But don’t stop there. Bring your items to Mobile to Mobile Orlando and get cash back.  That’s right! Clean out your tech drawer and sell the items for cash. Mobile to Mobile Orlando is a premier seller and buyer for Apple and Android Products. Don’t be embarrassed by that old Samsung Galaxy or damaged MacBook collecting dust. Bring them in, and our Mobile to Mobile expert technicians will give you a fair and accurate price, even if they are damaged.

Mobile to Mobile Orlando provides the highest return for your tech items. We will buy back your items in any condition.  For example, we use this 5 Tier Grading Chart for cell phones which, explains the grade given for the amount of damage to the item.

Here is the 5 Tier Grade chart for cell phones

  • Grade A- No Scratches, Scuffs or ANY imperfections to the cell phone.
  • Grade B –  Scratches and scuffs on housing but no cracks or any other problems.  Minor cosmetic problems from wear and tear only.
  • Grade C –  The cell phone screen glass is cracked, but NO problems with the touch or picture of the iPhone.
  • Grade D – Screen is NOT working. Touch and/or picture is not working properly and less than 50% of the screen is blacked out. If over 50% of the screen is black, then we consider it a DOA.
  • DOA – Dead on Arrival!! Your phone is not turning on.Don’t worry about not receiving cash on-the-spot back for your DOA cell phone
  • Other DOA classifications are:
    • Cracked home button
    • Multiple deductions
    • Bent frame
    • Dented housing on the back (ie Motherboard)
    • Cracked housing
    • Motherboard issues
    • Bad Touch ID
    • Bad Face ID
    • If over 50% of the screen is blacked out

Mobile to Mobile Orlando is a one-stop shop for cell phone repairs, buyback, and purchases. We also specialize in laptops and tablets. Selling you old tech items is a win, win for you. 1. You get cash back for your item.  2. You are being ECO friendly by recycling your phone rather than just throwing it away. Call us or visit us today and earn cash cleaning your own home.