Many of us dread upgrading our iPhone. While the cloud helps the transition between phones, it still isn’t enough to motivate the change. The old saying “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, leaves some of us with an outdated iPhone models. An upgrade usually isn’t an option until the old iPhone is on its last leg. Choosing which iPhone model is right for you may be overwhelming and expensive. For example, upgrading from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8 Plus is a great choice.  Here are a few reasons why upgrading to an iPhone 8 Plus is right for you.

Why the iPhone 8 Plus?

You can’t go wrong with the iPhone 8 plus. Apple equipped the iPhone 8 plus with all the basic iPhone goodies but with so many more perks.  The iPhone 8 Plus is splash, water, and dust resistant. This will help your iPhone last longer and give you peace of mind from those small water accidents. You will also notice a huge difference between your pictures and video. There really isn’t a comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus media production to the iPhone 7 model and below. The iPhone 8 Plus has a wide color capture and live photos with optical image stabilization. This is just one of many new features of the iPhone 8 plus that will blow your old iPhone out of the water.

How to get cash back

Sell your old iPhone to Mobile to Mobile Orlando and get cash to purchase your iPhone 8 Plus. Mobile to Mobile is a certified buyer and seller of Apple products and has competitive iPhone 8 plus prices. We offer refurbished, used or new iPhones to streamline your upgrade process. Don’t worry if your phone is not in great condition, we still have options for you.

What if my iPhone is damaged?

Don’t worry you can still sell your iPhone 7 if it is damaged. We base all iPhones on a 5 Tier grading Chart with grade specifications from A to D. Clearly, iPhones with less damage and newer models will be worth more money. But don’t get discouraged. Mobile to Mobile Orlando will still buy back your phone even if it classifies as DOA – Dead on Arrival!! Your phone is either completely blacked or more than 50%. Other DOA classifications are

-Cracked home button

-Multiple deductions

-Bent frame

-Dented housing on the back (ie Motherboard)

-Cracked housing

-Motherboard issues

– Bad Touch ID

– Bad Face ID

While change may not be your cup of tea, Mobile to Mobile Orlando is a one stop shop that will help you upgrade to an iPhone 8 plus faster and easier than you expected. Their seeming less process and expert experience will put your mind at ease. Visit us online or visit our Orlando Location.