Keeping up with the latest iPad version can get wasteful and expensive, and collecting iPads is a waste of space and adds clutter. Upgrading your iPad to an iPad Pro doesn’t have to be so complicated. In fact, Mobile Mobile Orlando has a solution for you.

Sell your iPad to  Mobile Mobile, and upgrade to an iPad Pro. There are no strings attached, no hidden fees or gimmicks. We will buy back your iPad for a competitive price, and you can use the money to purchase a new and improved iPad Pro. Here’s what you need to know

iPad Condition

The condition of your iPad will dictate the amount of the sale. Of course, the newer the model and less damage to the iPad will deem you more cashback. However, you can bring in a dead iPad and still receive some compensation for it.  We base all of our buybacks off of 5 tier grading system.  

Grade A is the top rating meaning your iPad is in tip-top shape with NO imperfections. 

Grade B means there are a few basic imperfections to your iPad, but there is no cracks or internal problems. 

Grade C is when your iPad is average. There is damage like crack on the screen, but no internal damage or problems.

Grade D means your iPad is on its last leg. The touch screen isn’t working correctly or less than 50% of the device’s screen is blacked out.

D.O.A stands for Dead On Arrival. Clearly, this is the end of the grading system. This grade is for all those dead iPads with more than 50% of a blacked-out screen or other internal issues like bent frame, motherboard issues, bad touch, and face ID cracked home button, etc. 

Prepare your iPad

Before you sell your iPad, you will need to prepare it for sale, This is so you don’t lose any files on your current iPad and protect your information. First, back up the iPad to your iCloud. Ensure you have all your pictures and documents. Second, you want to remove any SIM cards. These are yours to keep and to transfer to the new iPad Pro. Third, Reset your iPad back to the factory settings. It is very important that complete Step1 before performing this step because reset your whole phone will wipe cleaned like it is brand new.

Mobile Mobile Orlando is now servicing two locations in the Orlando area. We are a certified buyer and seller of Apple products with no strings attached. You will receive your cash in hand at the time of your sale, with no additional required purchases. Visit us online or call us today.