As almost everybody on the face of the planet is familiar with smartphones. And no one can deny their importance in human life today. There are many benefits of smartphones that we can list in a blink of an eye. It can manage our life. We can use it to run a business, learn anything ask any kind of a query, and we can use it for entertainment too. in short, it can be helpful in every field of life. But as the title suggests it can break you too. Nowadays, as smartphones are loaded with a number of features, they are really expensive. If you buy are buying a smartphone you must be careful in handling it. There are certainly good practices you can follow to avoid repairing cellphones. I have listed them below:

repairing cellphones

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  1. Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. It will not attract harmful downloads in close vicinity.
  2. Make sure you protect your cellphone from extreme weather conditions.
  3. To be on the safer side make sure to encrypt all the data in your smartphone.
  4. Only use the original charger that is approved by the company. Cheap ones always damage the charging speed and restoration.
  5. Use the appropriate tools to clean dust from the charging port. The clean contact is very important for proper charging
  6. To avoid malware from stealing your data and even tracking your location do not download apps from suspicious resources.
  7. Avoid sprinkling spirit directly on your smartphone. You will be in trouble if it is not waterproof.
  8. Amongst all good practices, one is to do not let the battery drain completely. It will make its life shorter. 
  9. Do not install a battery optimizer as it causes harm to your smartphone. Your smartphone has a better-inbuilt feature that will do it perfectly for you. 
  10.  Keep your home screen tidy (place only a few important apps on the front). The plenty of apps on the home screen takes more time to load and your phone is more likely to work slower.
  11. Always keep your phone updated as it suggests. It only makes your phone works better. 
  12.  If you’re a constant smartphone user, turn your phone off for a few minutes every week. It will allow the device to work better and smoother.
  13.  Do not turn your cellphone off when it almost runs out of battery. 
  14.  If your battery is not working properly and it needs a replacement, make sure you replace it with an original one. The cheap battery will not only reduce timing but also will shorten your device’s life.
  15. Using a screen protector is always important. Because it can avoid serious screen damage and some times its absence can cost you your cell phone.

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