Sealed AirPods 2 with Charging Case

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Say goodbye to untangling your headphone cord. Scoop up these Sealed Apple Air-pods 2. Mobile Moblie Orlando is a certified seller and buyer of Apple products, sealed in its original packaging is authentic and technically โ€˜brandโ€™ new. Everyone is crazed over these Airpods 2, that comes with its own wireless charging case. Listen to iTunes on the go in the new modern way. These are the newest Apple Air-pods to hit the market and more magnificent than ever.ย  These Airpods2 are completely wireless and controlled solely by your voice and the talented Siri. If you are constantly moving or at the gym, these Apple headphones are exactly what you have been looking for. Enjoy the blissful, high-quality sound that comes from these Apple Air-pods 2 and brings life to your iTunes for up to 24 hours without being bothered to charge your new Air-pods. Visit Mobile Mobile Orlando quickly before word gets out about this cosmic accessory.


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