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Buying any new cell phone is exciting, but buying the latest iPhone is an experience. Waiting in line for those doors to open just to get the iPhone of your choice creates so much fun filled anticipation and memories. To say you are excited about your new iPhone purchase would be an understatement. Which means you can only imagine the level of devastation if you suddenly lost your iPhone to unforeseen damages.

One of the most common iPhone repairs is from water damage. They updated the newer iPhones model with a protective layer to help protect your iPhone from basic water damage. While these extra precautions are helpful, this does not mean the iPhone is waterproof. Mobile to Mobile Orlando has an on-site cell phone repair center. Our expert technicians will assess and try to salvage your phone first and foremost. However, if your cell phone meets Mobile to Mobile DOA, Dead on Arrival, guidelines, we will give you money for your next purchase. D.O.A. is listed on our 5 Tier Grading Chart to sell your iPhone back to us.

What is the definition of Dead on Arrival?

DOA – Dead on Arrival!! Your iPhone is not turning on, and is dead. Don’t worry you will receive cash on-the-spot back for your DOA iPhone. If your iPhone will also classify as a DOA if more than 50% or more of the screen is blacked out. Or if the water damage has affected your touch as well.  Other DOA classifications are

-Cracked home button

-Multiple deductions

-Bent frame

-Dented housing on the back (ie Motherboard)

-Cracked housing

-Motherboard issues

-Bad Touch ID

-Bad Face ID

Mobile to Mobile Orlando is one stop shop for repairs, selling your iPhone or purchasing a refurbished iPhone. If we can’t repair it, we can buy it back. We are certified sellers and buyer for all Apple products, and we accept all iPhone makes and models. The newer and less damage to the iPhone, the more you will receive, but anything is better than starting from zero and having to buy another iPhone at full cost.