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So you decided to upgrade to the Samsung S10, and don’t know what to do with your Samsung S8.  Why not sell your Samsung S8 and earn some cash towards that upgrade? If you are finding any difficulty in selling your Samsung S8 we will help you. You can visit our store in Orlando for the best prices 

You can get cash on the same day, to help purchase a newer version. Here are some key tips to prepare your android for sale.

Backup your Phone

First, and always foremost backup the latest files on your phone. You do NOT want to lose anything. Your best backup option would be through your google account, so when you upgrade to the Samsung S10 you can restore your contacts, calendar, apps, etc. It will be your old phone inside of your new device. 

 If you want to be double secure, back up to the manufacturer desktop version with the USB cord. This way you have dual coverage.

Remove all SD and SIM Cards

After you have backed up your S8, and only after you have backed everything up, you need to remove all sim and sd cards from the device. These two cards are yours and meant to go with your new device, if compatible. The SIM card is what connects you to the cell phone network and the SD contains files, media, etc.

Reset Factory Defaults

Once you have completed the first two tasks above, your next step is going to be to restore the factory settings on the S8 to wipe all your info clean off the phone. It is important that you first complete the two above before transitioning into this phase of the process. Scrubbing your data clean is important and essential to your identity security. Could you imagine some stranger going through all the pictures and information? No way! 

Choosing a Store

Choose a location near you to sell your phone. It is best to talk to a real-life person about the value of your phone and receiving the cash the same day. You will still get top dollar and will buy your phone even if it is a dead Samsung S8. Don’t get stuck mailing in your phone for a check that will take two weeks to receive. 

Mobile Mobile Orlando offers two convenient locations on the east and west side of Orlando,  Florida. Mobile to Mobile is certified buyers and sellers of Android devices. You can sell and upgrade all in the same place if you choose to. No hidden fees or gimmicks. Check us out online or visit one of the two locations.