Our cellphones are little electronic planners, camera, and phone all in one. We have condensed the electronics we use in our life by adding applications or widgets. And As our life changes so do what we find useful on a daily basis.

Switching from a Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus to an iPhone X is quite the change. Too often we outgrow our current cell phone in need of upgrade, and cannot find what you are looking for in the same brand. Time to look outside the box.

Why switch to an iPhone X from a Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus?

While a Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus is a great phone, it may not suit you anymore. When comparing a Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus vs iPhone X, you realize each phone shines in its own light. Samsung and Apple are the two leading brands of cell phones that are very different phones. Choosing between the two is based on your preference and what exactly you need it for. One advantage to Apple products is their inclusive apps and products like FaceTime, iTunes, iCloud, etc. Sometimes it is easier to base your cell phone brand on the compatibility of your computer or laptop. If the only thing holding you back from purchasing an iPhone X is selling your Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus, Mobile to Mobile Orlando can help.

How to Get Cash for you Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus?

At Mobile to Mobile Orlando, we will buy back your Samsung Galaxy 8s Plus no matter the condition it is in. The less damage to the cell phone, the more money you will get back. Don’t get discouraged, we grade each cell phone based on our 5 Tier Grading Chart. You will receive cash back even if your phone doesn’t turn on.

  • Grade A – No Scratches, Scuffs or ANY imperfections to the cell phone.
  • Grade B –  Scratches and scuffs on housing but no cracks or any other problems.  Minor cosmetic problems from wear and tear only.
  • Grade C –  The cell phone screen glass is cracked, but NO problems with the touch or picture of the iPhone.
  • Grade D – Screen is NOT working. Touch and/or picture is not working properly and less than 50% of the screen is blacked out. If over 50% of the screen is black, then we consider it a DOA.
  • DOA – Dead on Arrival!! Your phone is not turning on.Don’t worry about not receiving cash on-the-spot back for your DOA cell phone.
  • Other DOA classifications are
    • Cracked home button
    • Multiple deductions
    • Bent frame
    • Dented housing on the back (ie Motherboard)
    • Cracked housing
    • Motherboard issues
    • Bad Touch ID
    • Bad Face ID
    • If over 50% of the screen is blacked out

Mobile to Mobile Orlando is one stop shop to make your transition from an Android to an Apple a smooth one. We are a certified buyer and seller of Apple and Android products. Being an Apple owner is an experience. You will get used to it in no time. Visit us online or at our Orlando location.