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Apple has released iPhone 12 and we can see a price drop in iPhone 11. And if you are currently using iPhone 11 and cannot decide whether to buy iPhone 12 or stick with 11? You will get your answer by the end of this blog.

New in iPhone 12

Source: Pixabay

If we talk about the upgrade gap between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11, it is considerably wide in many aspects. We will discuss every aspect shortly.

Design & Display

iPhone 12 is smaller in size to make it handier and comfortable as compared to iPhone 11. The shape of the iPhone12 is designed such that it has the same display i.e. 6.1″. Apple has worked a lot in the area of the display in the most recent model. The display is more color accurate and the increased contrast ratio makes it stands out. 1200 nits max brightness gives you a better look at brighter spots.

Wireless Charger

This device is compatible with MagSafe accessories and a wireless charger. But the iPhone 11 is not compatible with any of these.


As far as the camera is concerned, there’s no big difference between both models. both give almost the same result. Just edges are improved in iPhone 12. New in iPhone 12 is the upgrade in Night mode. Night mode timelapse is also a new feature that you must look for.


The battery is almost the same in both models. Video and audio playback time for both the devices is 17h and 16h respectively. video (streamed) playback time in the latest model is 1h more than that of iPhone 11. Both phones have a one-day battery.


Apple introduces a new chip in every new model they launch. so following the same trend, it has the fastest chip in smartphones. It is named A14 Bionic chip. No application on the store that can push the hardware of both the devices. So, from a performance point of view, both the devices are way ahead of their time.


iPhone 12 has a wide dynamic range of sounds. Apple has really worked their way out to make your experience magical.


With all these features and many more. You can spend 200$ more to get iPhone 12 without a second thought. Or if you can spend a hundred more you can get a mini version of this latest device with all the same features. And if you cannot afford any of the above, don’t worry. Because iPhone 11 is no less than any smartphone.

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