With today’s fast-changing tech world, keeping up with the latest iPhone trends can get expensive and wasteful. What if we told you could sell your iPhone 7 for cash?

Upgrading your iPhone 7 has never been easier. MobileMobileOrlando will give you cash back in exchange for your iPhone. Our store is a premier Apple product buyer and seller, who will buy your iPhone in any condition. Even if your iPhone 7 cannot turn on, we can help.  Letting us buy back your iPhone 7 will earn you some cash towards your new phone.

Here’s what you need to know.

Phone Condition

Like we stated above, we will buy back your iPhone 7 in any condition. The better the condition the more money back you will receive, but you will still receive compensation for a damaged phone. We use a five-tier grading chart to assess your phone condition and compensation.  The chart

  • Grade A – Your phone is in tip-top shape, and has no Scratches, Scuffs, or ANY imperfections.
  • Grade B –  There are a few scratches and scuffs on the iPhone 7’s housing but no cracks or any other problems or damage.
  • Grade C – The iPhones’ screen glass is cracked. However, the phone is still useable meaning there are NO problems with the touch or picture of the iPhone.
  • Grade D – This is when your phones’ screen is NOT working. Touch and/or picture is not working properly or is affected by the damage. Less than 50% of the screen is blacked out. If over 50% of the screen is black, then we would consider it a DOA rather than a Grade D.
  • DOA – Dead on Arrival!! Your iPhone 7 is not turning on. It is completely dead or the damage is just too far gone. Other DOA classifications are
    • Cracked home button
    • Multiple deductions
    • Bent frame
    • Dented housing on the back (ie Motherboard)
    • Cracked housing
    • Motherboard issues
    • Bad Touch ID
    • Bad Face ID
    • Over 50% of the screen is blacked out

Get Your iPhone 7 ready to sell

There are a few things you will want to do before selling your iPhone 7. Make sure you backup your iPhone to the cloud. There is no need for you to lose any contact or photos in the process of your upgrade. The iCloud streamlines your phone activation process once you get your new phone. Next, you will do a factory reset on your iPhone (This can be found in your settings). It is important that you first backup the iPhone 7. As the factory reset will wipe your entire phone clean like it is brand new. This is an essential security feature to ensure all your data and information is removed from the iPhone once you bring it in to our local store. .

Our store is a one-stop-shop. You can repair, trade-in, or purchase a phone straight from our showroom. We also specialize in laptops and tablets. We are a premium seller and buyer you can trust. Call us or visit us today to sell your iPhone 7.